March-April 2014, Volume 4, No.2 Print

March-April 2014, Volume 4, No.2
Chemistry & Biology Interface, 2014, 4, 2, 66-136
(ISSN: 2249 – 4820)

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Review Paper

1. Recent advances in the synthesis, chemical transformations and pharmacological studies of some important dietary spice’s constituents
Vinay Kr. Singh, Pragya Yadav and Narender Tadigoppula

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Research Articles

2. Design, synthesis and characterization of isomeric 3,4’-bipyrazol-5’-ols and their antifungal activity
Mahavir Parshad and Devinder Kumar
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3. Synthesis and Biological Screening of Cyanopyrans
Kishor M. Kavadia, Khushal M. Kapadiya, Parth Manvar, Kunjal P. Munshi, Dr. Ranjan C. Khunt

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4. Microwave and conventional synthesis of novel pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidine scaffold as an antimicrobial agent
Kamlesh M Khokhani, Ravindra M Gol, Taslimahemad T Khatri, Praful K Patel

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5. Zinc triflate catalyzed synthesis of thioethers
Sudhakar Reddy Baddam, Uday Kumar Neelam, Naga Raju Manne, Panasa Reddy Adulla, Rakeshwar Bandichhor

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